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What To Do At 22

So, this week was my birthday. I was 22. Where’s the time gone? It doesn’t seem that long ago I was deciding what fourth GCSE I should pick and now look where I am. Working fulltime and trying to figure it all out still. I had chilled one this year but it was actually pretty decent.

Like most people in their twenties, when it comes to your birthday you try and look back on what you’ve done, what you’re proud of and all that jazz, but one thing stood out for me.

I’ve missed out on a lot.

I’m not at all saying I’m disappointed in myself or anything because I’ve done some pretty cool things and made unforgettable memories, but I just kept rethinking “if only I’d done that” or “ahhh why didn’t I give that a go”. It could be the smallest thing of tagging along to the pub when I was at uni, signing up to a club, or even plucking up the courage to asking a girl if she’d like to have a drink sometime. Small things that I just didn’t or don't do. And I seriously regret it.

Your younger years a…

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